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SIBA Fuses North America: Your number one source for all circuit protection applications.

► SIBA’s Photovoltaic (PV) fuses offer ultimate circuit protection and are available up to 1500VDC PV and are UL Listed. SIBA’s semiconductor fuses are the first in the world of their kind with global certifications. Ultra-Rapid fuses are utilized in Power Conversion, Thyristors, Rectifiers, UPS, Traction Applications, SCR’s (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers/Semiconductor Controlled Rectifiers) Inverters, Converters, Traction Substations, DC Common Buses, Reduced Voltage Starters, Drives, both AC and DC rated. Our NEW line of “Full Range” UL DC-rated fuses up to 1100VDC for UL DC Drives, the first fuses in the world of this class offered exclusively by SIBA.

► SIBA is the leading developer of specialized Energy Storage System (ESS) fuses. Fuse applications include rack mount PCS, combiners, recombiners, Large scale inverters/rectifiers, DC-DC converters, DC chargers, fused main disconnects, flywheel, fuel cells and puled energy systems, automotive and maritime requiring heavy duty and high cyclic loading conditions. Fuses Range from 400VDC to 1600VDC-ESS, which have the highest breaking capacity and lowest L/R in the industry.

► From Solar Power, to Wind Power to Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and from the Batteries all the way to the Substations, we are the world leaders in these applications. For more information on our products, please visit our website at: or contact us at

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