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OPF - Other People First

At Beyond Components, we embrace the concept of striving always to Put Other People First – friends, family and our customers. By putting other people's needs before our own we try to bring a little happiness and success to everyone in our lives, and this philosophy translates directly to you, our customer! Putting other people first is a fundamental principle of our CREDO and our way of doing business.  In fact, we believe it’s the best way of doing business and we hope you can see the difference.

Beyond Component employees understand the importance of listening to our customer’s needs and are ready to work hand in hand with you to make certain that you get the best quality, price and service possible.  We genuinely enjoy helping you solve any purchasing or components issue you might have and we don't see it as "going out of our way", we see it as simply putting you first. And we love that!

P.S. If you would like another OPF shirt for a friend or family member, just ask for one here: - Also, we'd love to hear how YOU define "putting other people first". So, take a minute and tell us!


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